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Activate 4.6GB And More Data On Airtel Network With Just N200 - See How

Awoof that won't purge you. 

If you are an existing or new user on Airtel network, do you know you can activate 4.6GB data and even more without any form of restrictions? Of course, you can.

The data can be used on all devices you can think off: smartphones, laptop and even as mobile hotspot for your friends.

In fact, is a normal data which doesn’t zap or wipe with speed.

The data has been activated by hundreds of people and I don’t think this post is coming late. 

You have more time to make this possible but I don’t really know when the data activation will be closed.

How Can I Activate The 4.6GB For N200 On Airtel?

>> Simply get a new Airtel SIM or any SIM that is not more than 3 months of age, or you can easily dial *746# to check your time of SIM registration.

After you have confirmed that you have registered the SIM for not more than 3-month, it shows you are eligible to activate the data.

>> Now, buy N200 recharge card and load it on that Airtel SIM and check your data balance by dialling *123*1# and you will see 4.6GB data smilling at you.

Can This Data Be Accumulated?

Yes, you can keep loading N200 recharge card and you will keep getting 4.6GB data bundle.

It’s easy right? Note that your recharged airtime won’t be touched.

If you experience any issues, kindly drop it in the comment section below for instant solution.

Mtn Free Monthly 1.5gb Data

How about you getting free 1.5gb worth of data every month without hassle. Looks too good right?

The cost of paid 1.5gb data is averagely about 1000Naira. But i will show you how to get Mtn free 1.5gb monthly without you doing anything. 

This data will be able to access any website or application on your phone and has a good network speed. 

So, if you're worried that you will be getting free data that will be slow to access web pages or apps, this cheat got you covered as it is seen to be really fast just as your normal data. 

You want to know how to get yours?

Then keep on reading, i will show you how you can get this free data for yourself.
Note: Remember to save or bookmark this site, then visit regularly to get free browsing cheats first. 
How To Activate Free Mtn 1.5gb 

For you to get this mtn free cheat, you have to have the following requirements;

1. Download 24clan VPN Green Edition from here.
2. Have a broswing phone with preferably 3g or 4g, for maximum speed. 
3. Working mtn sim. 

Okay if you have the above requirements,

Then, install and launch the VPN mobile app.

After that, under “ TWEAKS “, choose “ MTN Free Server ” from the options of proxy servers. As shown below:

Then, tap on the big grey button at the middle of the app to connect. That’s all.

Other things you should note. 

This 1.5gb data is made that you will be able to use 50mb everyday, i.e the data is not unlimited it is capped at 50mb daily and 1.5gb monthly.

If you finish your data anytime, you have to wait for 12am before you will be able to use another free data. 

If you encounter any issue, you are free to drop it below in the comment section for solution. Thanks.

Battle Prime Apk Download for Andoid/iOS

Battle Prime APK gameplay
Battle Prime

You need a new mobile game to entertain, Battle Prime game promises to breathe the fresh air into the market. It’s a free multiplayer shooter mobile game available for both iOS and Android with amazing graphics and play style.

Let’s take a look!

Battle Prime developed by BlitzTeam LLC, the game and its studio are still new to the gaming world. But from some early access versions and screenshots, you can tell some ethical aspects of the game already. Some people consider it as a hybrid of Call of Duty and Pubg as the game share some graphic similarities of the two.


The most popular Battle Prime game mode is a 6 vs 6 battle on a tight map. Every player needs to be precise in their aim while also be careful not to be eliminated by their opponents. Be the best to climb up the rank and score as many points as possible. If you perform well enough, you can get top places in the whole server as well.

You can have a look at other kinds of gameplay, such as getting supreme power like The Hulk or run as fast as The Flash. Nevertheless, tactical correctness can determine the outcome of every game. This is what makes a good shooter. The gap between paid and free users reduces if one team has dominant tactics. A game is less fun to play if players just blindly run and attack each other, and even gets frustrating if it’s a pay-to-win.

The physics of the game is realistic. Fall damage can be fatal if you don’t have the right armor on. One thing to keep in mind is that it takes quite a few more shots than other shooting games to kill an enemy. New players may find it unfamiliar.  In order to ensure continuous gunfights, Battle Prime utilizes a similar mechanism like in the famous Overwatch. If you, unfortunately, die within combat, you can re-select your armor kit and weapons to return right away.

Graphic properties


The visual quality of the game is quite impressive, despite being a fresh release. Everything from maps, weapon arsenal, or even your character’s kit has a great look to it. Shadows and lighting look pretty promising. Other VFX are also handled smoothly by the game engine. Grenade blasts, gunshots, and abilities all have realistic displays. Visual alone, the game is comparable even to console counterparts.

Battle Prime graphics

Character motion is not on the same table, though. The movement and postures of a soldier in the game still don’t feel very natural. While standing still and shooting others, players may feel like controlling robots. Anyway, with the game’s amplification on visual aspects, you may feel the need for having a system that’s smooth enough to handle such stress. Battle Prime runs quite well on devices running iOS and Android with no difficulties. The images displayed on any compatible are very beautiful.

User interface – How to play


Battle Prime APK control system

The button layout is quite familiar and is reminiscent of other mobile TPSs like PUBG Mobile. Players use a joystick located at the left bottom of the screen to move, turn around and options for weapons are located at the right. It’s a bright design, to be honest, and players won’t have much time getting used to it.

Performance assessment


The game performs well on both iOS and Android. Despite having little to none background, the developers certainly have what it takes to make incredible games. Battle Prime is optimized for the best user experience, as lag spikes rarely occur and the game runs most of the time effortlessly. However, playing the game for long could result in a crash. As the game relies heavily on graphics, your battery can drain pretty fast. Casual gamers may find it not so suitable for quick entertainment. Keep in mind not to play for any longer than 60 minutes. Your device can get overheated easily if that’s the case.
  • Developer: BlitzTeam LLC
  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Shooting
  • Size: Unknown
  • MOD Features: Soon
  • Update: August 6, 2019 at 3:17 pm
  • Get it from: Play Store Play Store

Rating and verdict


I’d give this a 7/10. Performance-wise, this game is still lacking something and is not going to compete with the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile evenly. As mentioned before, movements and actions are still unnatural. The graphics of the game is another story. It’s undeniable that the game offers a great look to it, but it seems like they have taken a lot from other products in its genre. There’s a reason why people call it the combination of Call of Duty and Warface. Anyway, it surely has an impact on everyone’s mind in this field, regardless of the similarities with other names on the market. Having said that, I think you should go and experience all the aspects of the game. In the world of esports today, Battle Prime is a fresh breath into the Play Store. Go check it out!
We will update the link to download the APK file of this game as soon as it is available.


Free MTN 20GB
Okay glad to have you here.

Been a while we had this type of freebie and Cheat from MTN, we have been working hard to bring to you stuffs like this and finally we have one for you. Isn’t that great?

This Mtn free browsing cheat is a loophole which we discovered from Mtn MyMTN app which was supposed to give mtn user who downloaded the MyMTN app free 500Mb.

But if you follow this simple steps below you will be able to accumulate more than 20Gb worth of data for free.

The steps are simple and short but you have to follow them accordingly for you to be able to get enough data.

Another good thing about this MTN Free Browsing Cheat is that is can power all apps and software on your phones and laptops.

Okay no much talk, just follow the simple below steps carefully to get more than 20Gb of data.


STEP 1: Make sure you have not used the MTN SIM to register on MyMTN app before following below steps.

STEP 2: Download MyMTN Mobile App on playstore and register on it.

NOTE: But note that on top of the app, they will tell you to claim the 500MB but do not claim it yet.

STEP 3: Once you have registered, keep refreshing the app by pulling your hand down on your screen, stop when you see a link where you will be asked to click to get free 500Mb(“CLICK TO CLAIM 500MB”) at the top of the app.

STEP 4: Now you have seen the link to click on, you have to now click on that link and tap your back botton once. Do this repeatedly and you have to be fast while doing it.

STEP 5: Once you do this accordingly, close the app.


STEP 6: dail *131*4# to check your data balance.

NOTE: the data is only valid for 24 hours so you have to use it well before 24 hours time.
Hope you enjoyed the post, do well be sharing it with your friends and visit regularly to get free cheat like this.

If you encounter any issue will getting the data do will to use the comment box to post your issue and help will come immediately.

Hope to see you again soon. Thanks .

How To Detect A Hidden Camera

When you stay in an hotel, or use any public place, how do you know there are no hidden spy camera, some where around! Watching you.

When you travel to a new and unfamiliar destination or take a business trip, you stay at a hotel, but what you do not know is that you could unknowingly be photographed or be secretly recorded.

In this age of smart recording devices and pinhole sized drones, always remember when staying in a hotel, that you can use this method to check your room :

1. When you have entered into your room, turn off the lights, and maybe close the curtains.

2. Open your phone camera, do not turn the flash light on.

3.Turn around the room with your cell phone.

When a red or white dot light is found on your screen, that means that a hidden spy camera is installed.

If no red or white dots light, then the room is spy camera free.

Please share this message to your friends who travel a lot. And those that make a lot of business trips. And those that may be sleep nude.

My dear friends, especially ladies! Kindly note and be aware.

‼️Don't be a victim of a of a hidden spy camera.

Mtn Data Plan 2019: Subscription Codes And How To Subscribe

Yeah, it's a new year, and many of you will be looking out for a different Mtn Data Plan Subscription for your phone, laptop and your other gadgets.

2018 has just passed, but most of Mtn Data Plan will still be the same in 2019, that is to say Mtn Data Plans 2019 will have very little changes for now. 

Below i will be outlining Mtn Major Data Plan for 2019 for you.

So you scroll down and read gently, to find the one that will best suit you.

The Plans are made to suit your various needs, as it comes in various volume and amount.

Also different duration of time too. 

Mtn Daily Data Plan

25MB Bonus Daily Plan
24 Hrs
Text"104" to 131

+ 75MB Bonus Daily Plan
24 Hrs
Text"113" to 131

Mtn Weekly Data Plan

7 Days
Text"102" to 131

7 Days
Text"103" to 131

Mtn Monthly Data Plan

30 Days
Text"106" to 131

30 Days
Text"130" to 131

30 Days
Text"110" to 131

30 Days
Text"107" to 131

30 Days
Text "116" to 131

30 Days
Text"117" to 131

Mtn 60 Day / Quarterly Data Plans 

60 Days
Text"118" to 131

90 Days
Text"133" to 131

Note: You should know that (bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am ON MTN DEAL ZONE.

You can also simply dial *131# to activate any of the data plans, you want.

If any changes are made in any of the mtn data plan 2019, we will always update this post, so just bookmark this site and visit daily to get the update.

You can ask your question and make contribution concerning this post using the comment box.

How To Share And Transfer Data On Mtn 2019

Much questions have been asked constantly regarding on How to share data on Mtn and How to transfer data on Mtn, which relatively means the same thing.

Over the years Mtn Nigeria has been providing its subscribers in Nigeria with fast, quality andmreliable customer service for datamand calls.

For its data service which most Nigerians have relied upon, because of its lighting speed andmcheap price of data.

Not doubting the Mobile Telecommunication network is one of the most reliable network for browsing the internet, downloading and doing other things online.

The Mtn data service is one that is easy to go with and with the necessary data you can browse, chat and stream at your convenience.

Like other network Mtn Nigeria allows its customer to purchase data online, via recharge cards or directly from their store and this recharges can be converted to data via dialing some of there Ussd code or Sms code.

Maybe, you have an Mtn data subscription on your phone and you want to share it with your friends or family members.

Or, you just ran out of data, 

Then you find your friend or family member who is willing to share their Mtn data with you.


I will be showing simple steps in which you can use to share and transfer data on Mtn with your friends and family.

But before i continue;

If you are sharing your Mtn data, you should ensure you are subscribed to a Mtn data plan.

Or if someone is sharing data to you, the person should also have a working data plan.

How To Share Data On Mtn

Okay, let me now show you how to Share Data On Mtn.

You can easily Share or Transfer Data from your phone to another MTN customer’s Phone at anytime.

To share data on MTN Network,

Take the simple following below steps;


You have to register for Mtn Data Share;

Via Ussd code; dial *131*2*1# 

Or Via Sms; Text REG to 131.

You will receive a unique security PIN almost immediately.

You are now required to change the system generated default PIN to a new PIN that you can easily remember. 

You can easily do that by dialling *131*2*5# 

Or by texting; "Change OLD_PIN NEW_PIN NEW_PIN" to "131" without the quote.

E.g; Change 0000 1234 1234 to 131. 

Where 0000 is old PIN and 1234 is your
new PIN.

After changing the PIN, 

You are required to add beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Bundle account. 

Via USSD Menu, 

By dialling *131*2*2# 

Or by texting Add Number PIN to 131.

Eg. Add 09090XXXXXX 1234, send it to 131.

Where 09090XXXXXX is the number you want to share your data with and 1234 is your transfer or sharing Pin.

You can add up to 5 beneficiaries.

Once you have added beneficiaries, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your available data bundle among the added beneficiaries.

By sending the keyword Share PIN to 131 

Or simply dial USSD code *131*2*3#.

If you have followed, the simple steps about to Share And Transfer Data On Mtn,

Then, i tell you everything will work as you want.

I'm gald you now know how to share data on mtn network.

Thanks for reading,

If you have questions or contribution to make concerning this post, 

Then, you can use the comment box below for that.

That aside,

If you want to also know how to share data on other network, like airtel, glo and 9mobile

You can bookmark our site and look out for our future post.

13 Quick Techniques To Stop Smartphone Addiction

Many persons have found themselves to be so Addicted so much to there Smartphone, and would love to stop been so Addicted to it.

They might have made effort to do so sometimes. However it turns out to be extremely difficult for them to do as such. So, it’s high time to overcome the Smartphone Addiction by just following some of the tips. 
This will eventually help you spending the time in real world instead of always being there in your smartphone virtual world. Here in this article, we will educate you concerning some ways about how you can overcome the Smartphone Addiction and live up the natural life. 

Go through the techniques that are given below. 

1. Turn Off the Notifications.

You guys might not realize that for the most part we use or get attracted to our cell phone whenever we see any new notification. 

This could be possible from any social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, linkedin twitter etc.) that you are using. 

2. Remove Social Media Apps.

The social media is most addictive thing that that force you mentally to check your device over and over.

A person normally checks his android smartphones around 25-100 times each day to check his social media activities. 

So better is to remove all these applications from your Smart Phone.

And this will extraordinarily lessen your android use. 

3. Uninstall Unused Apps.

Applications are an extraordinary source of attraction and furthermore make you addictive as well if the application you use is of incredible type.

These apps are simply made for fun purposes and not for some other reason. 

So you can uninstall them. 

Some social media apps are likewise great attention builders. 

Thus you ought to likewise remove them from your Smartphone.

4. Use Checky App To Check Your Phone Usability.

Using Checky app gives you insight into your telephone checking habit, Checky helps you to be more aware of apps you use more frequent, to help you minimize the amount on time you spend on them.

This awareness can also enable you to make changes to your smartphone usage in the event that you feel you have to make a change.

5. Don’t Put Any Media In Your Smartphone.

Movie and music lovers, will understand the Distraction and Addiction you get when you have media, especially movies on your smartphone.

To reduce this Addiction from media put all the media to your PC instead of using them on your smartphone. 

The other thing that users use mostly on their smartphone is that they all love to watch up short movies, clips and listen music on their deices. 

This is additionally the major attention builders of the Smartphone users. 

So you ought to remove every one of the media from your device.

6. Set Particular Boundaries To Your Android Usage.

All things considered, if you are addicted to your Smartphone, it is usually difficult to overcome the Smartphone Addiction. 

So good option is to set up specific limits for your Smartphone with the goal that you can just use it for specific day event.

7. Restrict Phone Usage At Certain Times 

All things considered, you may have to just put up the limits to use your Smartphone Usage.

Notwithstanding, if you can set strict rules for no phone usage while you are watching TV or while you are reading, during Lunch and so on, can help you further. 

This may look hard in the beginning, however with the time you will agree that it’s more comfortable.

8. Mute All Group Chats.

Group talks presumably force your brain to take up your smartphone and this can go on an entire day. 

So it is better to mute the group chats of all your social networks like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and so forth. 

You should try this and it will significantly help you. 

9. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode.

While Going To Bed Your Android can with no doubt gobble up your resting period. 

Because there can still be loads of notifications that can’t make you to rest. 

So better is to put your device on Airplane mode, or better still switch it off.

That will help you with having peace and take the rest.

10. Use Traditional Alarm Clock Rather Than Smartphone.

Today nearly all smartphone users are dependent on their Smartphone device to get up early in the day. 

In any case, try to use the actual alarm clock that is the traditional alarm to get up early in the morning. 

11. Use Watch Or Clock Rather Than Smartphone To check Time.

While you put up your gadget to check the time when you see several notifications and you again begin using your phone. 

So it’s better to use the watch to check the time instead of using your cell phone. 

12. Start Practicing Deep Breathing

All things considered, cell phone addiction is much the same as masturbation, alcohol, smoking and so on. 

It ends up challenging to control the urge of frequently checking our phone. 

Therefore, for this situation, you need some mental break. 

For a mental break, deep breathing where you close your eyes for like  5-10 minutes can help you a lot.

Also, it has positive results on health front as well.

13. Take Up A New Hobby 

All things considered, in the event that you feel that your Smartphone Addiction is difficult to get rid off. 

At that point you can take up a new side interest like playing chess, and so forth.

With this, your focus will be on your new hubby that you take up which will help you with getting free of cell phone Addiction.


Following this 13 Techniques To Stop Smartphone Addiction might seem difficult and different for you from the start. 

But over a period of time, you will get used to it. 

So if you want to really put a stop to smartphone addiction, i will urge you to follow the 13 techniques. With time you will be gald you did. 

Thanks for reading. 

You can make your own contribution to this post using the comment box.